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  • High Street Casualties: Ellie Harrison`s Zombie Walk (2015) Photo: Marcin Sz
  • Ellie Harrison, Dark Days (2015) Photo: James Rippingale
  • Ellie Harrison, The Global Race (2014), Photo: Michael Hauffen
  • Ellie Harrison, After the Revolution, Who Will Clean Up the Mess? (2014) Photo: Chris Park
  • Ellie Harrison, Life Raft (2015) Photo: Thierry Bal
  • Ellie Harrison, The Other Forecast (2013) Photo: Sam Meech

Ellie Harrison

b. 1979, London
Lives and works in Glasgow

Ellie Harrison, Life Raft (2015) Photo: Thierry Bal
Ellie Harrison, Life Raft (2015) Photo: Thierry Bal

Ellie Harrison is an artist and activist based in Glasgow. Her playful and provocative work responds to the British culture she grew up in, attempting to investigate, expose and challenge its sometimes illogical and absurd political and economic systems.

As well as making politically-engaged works for gallery contexts and the public realm, Harrison is also the coordinator of the national Bring Back British Rail campaign – which strives to popularise the idea of re-nationalising of our public transport system – and the agent for The Artists’ Bond – a long-term speculative funding scheme for artists.




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