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  • Portrait of an artefact, maiden urn (digital print collage), 2015
  • An unlimited concept of roundness (clay, oil, wood, print), 2015
  • Untitled static 04 (digital print), 2015

AJ Stockwell

Untitled static 04 (digital print), 2015
Untitled static 04 (digital print), 2015

'Borrowing languages and processes from other disciplines my work often takes
multiple forms. Working predominantly in sculpture, video and print these forms constitute a shared dialogue that considers our relationship to/with artefacts and their modes of construction. Primarily research based I work across mediums to approach certain cultural histories and material pedagogy.
Recent work has focused on the language of ceramics and the appropriation and representation of ceramic artefacts; their significance as objects that have existed throughout human history, transcending both eastern and western cultures.'

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNIT(e) 2016