g39 has always used its strength as Wales' foremost artist-run space to be an invaluable resource to emerging artists. Through exhibitions and informal mentoring it has supported a generation of artists who now play a significant factor in defining the Welsh art scene both nationally and internationally.

Becoming a successful contemporary artist is a highly challenging process and is prone to countless pitfalls and setbacks. Artists in the UK are statistically more likely to be self-employed than any other professional in a field where there is no clearly structured career path, very little support and few opportunities for young and emerging artists. Warp bridges the gap between the end of an artist's formal training and their achieving a successful career as a professional artist.

Funded with the assistance of the Arts Council of Wales, Wales Council for Voluntary Action and GwirVol, Warp is aimed at promoting professional practice across the visual arts in Wales.

Warp is based in g39 on Oxford Street, Cardiff. The resource room serves as a drop-in centre for any artists wishing to take advantage of the specific resources we offer towards the administration of an art practice.

The Library is a room dedicated to our full range of publications and periodicals across categories including Artist Books, Architecture, Catalogues, Audio Visual, Public Art and Monographs. From early 2013 the publication titles are browse-able online through the Warp website. Users can come in and use the Library as a place to research and read.

An ongoing programme of one-to-one sessions give artists the opportunity to talk about their practice with gallery staff, and a series of seminars and artist talks allows them to hear first-hand about different modes of art practice. The Group Mentoring Programme assists artist groups in establishing their own cultural activity, with participants mentored by a range of arts professionals throughout Wales.