Sara Annwyl

b. Cardiff
Lives and works in Cardiff

Credo, 2006. Installation
Credo, 2006. Installation
Credo, 2006. InstallationForgive and Forget, 2006. Website screenshot of archived confessions.20,000 Hertz, 2004. Installation, video, audio, velvet covered door.

Sara works with work with moving image and sound. Her practice revolves around communication and reciprocity; the transmission and exchange of mood and thought. It's about longing for a universe that responds directly to our state of mind. She is interested in the brain and the mind, consciousness and notions of the soul. Subjectivity and objectivity are at it's core, sometimes exploring religion and science, or the spiritual and psychiatric. Often touching upon the supernatural and irrational, Sara is drawn to the concealed and repressed: The interplay between the seen and the unseen. Sara is gripped by people's stories. What is revealed and what remains hidden or untold, she is increasingly fascinated with acts of emotional disclosure, and associated notions of dignity or its loss.

Cheerful Thoughts, 2007

Moon, 2007

Credo, 2006,

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