Emily Fryer

Lives and works in Mid Wales

Space, 2012
Space, 2012
Space, 2012Hoover Mandala, 2009Mothership, 2012Tin Pot Planet, 2012Battleship, 2012

' A sculpture is not an object, it is an interrogation... It can never be finished or perfect.' Alberto Giacometti, Arts, 1957

Since graduating from St Martins school of Art in 2009, Emily Fryer has been artist in residence on building sites along the Herefordshire/Powys borders. Immersing herself in deconstruction and reconstruction, finding objects in the spaces behind walls floors and skirting boards, her work revels in revealing the hidden narrative behind the found object.

Describing the impetus for her recent exhibition 'Space' at Down Stairs gallery, Fryer states ' the objects I have collected in Space were made in England in the 1950's, a period when science fiction imagined the ' modern' technological innovations we live with now. Through the media of sci-fi, colour, lights and assemblage, Space questions ideas of modernity, and asks how the imagined technological future sits juxtaposed with our current nostalgia obsessed view of the past. '


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