Liam O'Connor

b. 1981, Maesteg
Lives and works in Cardiff

Liam O'Connor's work displays a technical finesse that is, at once, seductive, energetic and revealing. In simple terms, Liam is a portrait painter, but as with the best portrait painters, these are not mere representations of people, but studies that capture something more elusive. Through his work, Liam acknowledges that at one time, portrait painters were at the cutting edge of technical developments in art, utilising the 'new' technologies of the day in their pursuit of perfection. He approaches the development of his work in a similarly up-to-date manner, investigating the work he finds so inspiring by recreating them using technologies current to our times. Primarily, he returns to oil paint for his finished works but with a slightly shifted perspective and awareness of how the oil paint is functioning for him. This is also reflected in the broader practice in which he is engaged; the eye of the painter and his skill for manipulating a medium, translating portraits in to video works. Liam's relationship with the history of portraiture is honest and clear in his work, but this is work which is searching for a new relationship with the world, a relationship that is as relevant to this day and age as it ever has been.

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