Llinos Lanini

Lives and works in Mold, Flintshire

Siop y Pentre
Siop y Pentre
Siop y PentreMiss WMiss W

Llinos Lanini's photos can best be described as hyper-real. The fleeting moments they capture are etched with such intensity that they can almost appear staged. She talks of a world where 'moments will not endure' and a drive to capture these moments from the world around her. A recent series focuses on the older generation of Welsh ladies who, in her words, are simply 'carrying on'. These photos paint a picture of a simple, maybe even tedious, existence formed by the roles of wife, mother, home-keeper; the only options made available to many of her subjects. Her images capture simple moments and allow us to explore them in a way we wouldn't otherwise. We see the rough stitching keeping the arm of Mrs W's coat attached and the broken handle on the water jug next to the till in the shop. Far from being a mere capturing of a moment, these images become windows on to another world, one which is every bit as real as their hyper-reality suggests and, we are left thinking, maybe every bit as quiet. The proximity of her subjects is very close, but her work doesn't feel intrusive. Whether this is the result of a close working relationship with her subjects or canny editing, we don't know, but what we do know and feel in the images is an empathy and respect for her subjects that will, unquestionably, endure.


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