Molly Rooke

b. 1987, Taunton, Somerset
Lives and works in Cardiff

Postbox Postcard
Postbox Postcard
Postbox PostcardGreeting from; The Pyramids #11So Far Apart

Molly Rooke's work draws on the glorious wealth of imagery at our fingertips. Some are found using a web-browsers capacity for collating images for us, others are drawn from the humble postcard. Key to these images are people; the people that are in them and the people that sent them. A recent series, 'Postbox Postcards' uses lines of text from the backs of used postcards. These are then stuck on to a post-box as a label, rephotographed and turned back in to postcards, completing a neat circle of use and appropriation. Awkwardly worded notes to loved ones leave us wondering at their narrative - 'You will be surprised to hear I am here having a nice time, wish you were here'. Other series see her focusing in on the detail, whether that be the detail the original producer of the image wanted us to see, or the details they maybe didn't even notice themselves. 'Greetings from: Abbey Road #5', isolates four people in the unmistakeable stride aping the Beatles on their album of the same name. 'Greetings from: The Pyramids #11' isolates two characters, on camel-back, their arms joined in the air, presumably framing a pyramid, now removed. There's something enjoyably domestic about this process of isolating and highlighting. They are little moments in little lives given a chance to take centre stage and, in doing so, we find ourselves asking what might our relationship be to these unknown souls.

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