Penny Jones

b. 1949
Lives and works in Newport, Pembs

Moving TableGolchiWash Sign

Penny Jones work exists across a range of media and approaches, but what remains at the core is the artist herself. She, literally, inhabits her videos, leaving us wondering whether we're watching a character at work, or the artist herself. This is never made explicit, but the narratives that slowly play themselves out seem to be drawn, in part, from what it means to be an artist located rurally. 'Moving Table' follows the artist as she takes a folding a table from a neat office space and walks it through a snowy rural landscape, finally depositing it in the less salubrious surroundings of, what we assume to be, an artists studio at the back of her house, complete with damp and cold and none of the comforts of its former home. 'From Here to There' follows the artist with yet another inanimate object, this time a television in its box, wrapped in a bin-liner and secured to a child's pram, as she takes it on a day-trip to the big city, complete with a cultural visit to a local museum and an artists talk. There is humour at work here, in the seeming ridiculousness of these undertakings, but it's the surreal nature of these actions that focuses us in on what's happening; a video of the artist taking a trip to the city would simply be that, but by taking a TV along we are made to focus more clearly on the physical endeavour that is being undertaken in the pursuit of a cultural fix. These works draw you in to this artists world and focus you in on the struggle that's at hand, without ever asking for sympathy or help; the works simply act as a window on to the act of striving and succeeding, whatever that may mean.

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