Huw Andrews

b. 1980, Carmarthen
Lives and works in Cardiff

Channel 18 Flyer
Channel 18 Flyer
HaightChannel 18 FlyerKezar

To anyone with a knowledge of contemporary popular culture, particularly the slightly shabby end, Huw Andrews work will feel strangely familiar. Titles of works include 'Maybe Tomorrow I'll Wanna Settle Down', 'Grandstand' and 'You've Been Framed'. Even the sites of his work contain a remembered, if removed, familiarity; 'Kezar' was filmed in a sports-ground used in the film 'Dirty Harry' and other works include documentation of both San Francisco and Paris. There's a direct filtering of every day experiences in to the work through reference and content, whether that be watching 'Top Gear' (or in Andrews case, trying NOT to watch 'Top Gear'), trashy satellite TV channels, hastily taken tourist photos (both good and, deliberately, bad) and remembered city breaks with ex-girlfriends. There's humour in the work, but also pathos, that asks us to stop and think about what it is we're seeing and why it is he's showing it to us. By representing the familiar and the popular, he seems to be saying there's more to this stuff but it might simply be distracting us from seeing what's really interesting and important. He may even just be validating his own pre-occupation with low-brow entertainment, forever filtering the world through a screen or a lens. Ultimately, what we're presented with is abstract enough to request us to think about it, but familiar enough to hook us in the first place. The work reminds us that time spent looking and, really, noticing is precious. In a world where most people carry a camera, the time before or after pressing the button is when the real looking should be taking place.

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