Mentoring Programme

Darllen yn Cymraeg

Joanna Bond presenting at the Fund-Starter event

'Singing the line into existence' was the winning proposal from our Fund-starter evening in August. Winning in excess of 100 pounds and the support of Warp and g39. This eclectic mix of artists, ceramicists, singers, and storytellers consist of Joanna Bond, Mary Jacob, Huw Raine, Peter Stevenson and Alisa Hughes and their concept of reinstating the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen trainline through collecting memories and connecting people with stories of place and heritage.

Help them reach their crowd-funding goal!

To find more information from the night please click to the events page of the Warp website.

The structure of the support is tailored to meet the needs of each project and can take the form of meetings, email correspondence, telephone conversations or a combination of these. Mentoring projects can also benefit from having their project featured on our website and promoted in our monthly e-bulletin. It may be that one session is enough but it might be that we can be of ongoing help as the project takes shape and grows.

If you are a group (two or more) of artists, curators or other practitioners who are trying to set up a project that you feel benefits the arts in Wales and beyond then we'd love to hear from you.

Previous projects that we have helped include Cerbyd (, Open Empty Spaces (, CASC Studios, Cardiff Print Workshop and December Lab


PrawN / North Wales Artist Resource Programme

PrawN, Speed dating event, Wrexham.

Run by artists and friends of g39, Jemma Rhodes (formerly Bailey) and James Harper. PrawN provides a similar service to that of g39's WARP to the artists of North Wales.

Wrexham has a great art scene and our very own pool of talented artists. Being geographically sandwiched betwixt Manchester and Liverpool we are within arms reach of some very exciting events. We hope to develop a series of professional development tools to better advocate the arts in Wrexham and other areas north of the capital.

Watch this space for artist led workshops, seminars, social events, one to one sessions,

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Current Projects

  • `Boat Project` / Amber Mottram & Ellie Young
    Boat Project is an idea that has emerged from a desire to make our historic canal system a focal point for creativity, community activity and cultural dialogue by: creating links between Wales and British cities connected through the canal network, providing opportunities for young/emerging Welsh artists in the form of a residency program, creating a unique platform for artists to explore and create with 'journey' as a starting point and the idiosyncrasies of canal life as inspiration, and providing a new pathway for bringing established artists into Wales.
  • 11433
    Artists Tom Goddard and Jemma Bailey formed 11433.83 to establish an international networking exchange programme. Their aim is to instigate collaboration and networking opportunities with other international artists.

    The programme enables Welsh artists to travel abroad to carry out short residencies or networking events with reciprocal visits to Wales for artists of the host locations.
  • December Lab
    December Lab are an artist group supported by the WARP Group Mentoring Scheme. They aim to create a lively critical base through a programme of exhibitions, resident/visiting artists and practical & theoretical discussion forums with an emphasis on emerging Wales-based artists.