Peer to Peer

Darllen yn Cymraeg

Peer-to-Peer This an ongoing part of the WARP Programme and is a regular open session for artists to discuss their work with members of the g39 team. Artists can use these sessions to get critical feedback on their work or to discuss fundraising, making applications, exhibiting work or any other part of their career development. These sessions will provide us with an up-to-date look at artistic activity across Wales and will provide you with discourse and encouragement specifically about your practice.

These sessions are available to all visual art practitioners regardless of previous training or academic level. In the one-to-one sessions we advise participants on how to further their practice by identifying obstacles and how to overcome them, and highlighting strengths and how to build on them. The sessions are delivered in a supportive and encouraging manner, with follow-up advice delivered shortly afterwards.

We ask that you provide:

  • A brief statement about your practice (this might be a description of your work, what your concerns are and/or the ongoing direction of your work.)
  • A current CV
  • An outline of what you would like to achieve from the session (what advice or information you need, or if you just want an informal chat about your work). The more information you can give us in advance the more prepared we can be for your session.

Sessions are held regularly at g39 in the WARP resource area with further touring sessions taking place around Wales throughout the year.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Upcoming Sessions

  • Peer to Peer with Sean Edwards
    9 August - 6 September 2014

    Peer-to-Peer sessions are for artists at any career stage to introduce and discuss their practice with a member of the g39 team:

    Saturday 9th August 2014
    Saturday 6th September 2014

    To register your interest in a session please contact Sean Edwards with the Subject 'P2P'