Anna Best

b. 1965, London
Lives and works in London, UK

Anna’s practice is rooted in an interest in working within social situations and networks, from residency projects to many wider-reaching national projects.

She has recently taken part in a Chapter touring exhibition ‘Art For Networks’ where she organised a ‘mobilers’ convention. For those not in the know, this term refers to Ice Cream Vans. Establishing links across the UK the project has involved itself with a wide range of people. The work for Picsel+ was a precursor to this, a simple short video of an ice cream succumbing to the heat.“there is an unconsidered relationship between ice cream and the moving image, each welded to time in an undeniably concrete way”

An increasingly proloific artist, In 2007 Anna was commissioned by Barbican Art Gallery to work within the unique context of the Barbican Estate. Other recent exhibitions include the group show slow at Plymouth Arts Centre earlier in 2007 and Real Estate: Art in a Changing City at the ICA, London in 2005.

The artist was in the following exhibition: