Heidi Morstang

b. 1972, Oslo, Norway
Lives and works in Bistol, UK

Heidi Morstang works with various digital and analogue techniques: photography, video, film, sound, printmaking and moving image installations.

The frame is an important concept in Heidi's work. Within its confines she creates montages of still images that create new narratives as well as presenting video works in which a ‘fixed’ shot allows a drama to unfold within the confines of the viewfinder. In either situation she creates a narrative that we are unable to fully complete: we are left with a single moment, albeit drawn out over a period of time. Often these works are played out within a stark environment, figures are shot against a blank, cloudless skies or landscapes that disappear into hazy indistinct snowy scenes. She is aware of the links between pixelation and the romantic brush strokes of the Impressionists, though her videos are more aligned to the Romantic tradition of the figure within the landscape.

Heidi is a lecturer in Photography at Plymouth University. Her recent solo exhibitions include In Between, at The Watershed, Bristol and Metamorphosis, Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway

The artist was in the following exhibition:
On leaving and arriving