Jim Noble

Lives and works in London

Jim Noble's graphic works look at the fragility of technology in a modern environment. He refers to these objects, mimicking them out of unlikely materials like milk cartons or egg boxes. The works highlight the absurdity of the hand-crafted machine in an era of micro-technology where the scale of the human body ceases to have any relationship with the machinery it uses.

Jim takes a sideways look at lo-fi techniques applied to technology. His Distant landscape coming closer is a pixellated close up of a silicone-chip. From a distance the chip transforms into a cottage or rural building as the viewer imposes his or her own sense of scale on the image. Alongside these are what appear to be camcorders on the floor looking back at the viewer. It is only on closer inspection that it becomes clear that they are juice cartons painted with the generic buttons, lenses etc that characterise modern technology. Using visual tricks Noble presents us with our own presumptions about what it is that we are looking at.

Jim is currently based in London. He is working as a freelance designer and web designer making artistsí books and catalogues.

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