Tim Freeman

b. 1978, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,
Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

<b>Tim Freeman</b>, <i>Anti-Nature</i>, photograph, 2010.
Tim Freeman, Anti-Nature, photograph, 2010.

Despite working in the ‘new media’ practice of digital collage,Tim Freeman is an artist thoroughly steeped in the painterly tradition on 18th-century Romanticism.

Though his wild, hazy landscapes are aesthetically redolent of Blake, Turner and Friedrich, this is not the only way in which Freeman recalls the concerns of his predecessors: at the heart of the Canada-born, Cardiff-based artist’s practice is an interrogation of the trace left by human interaction and presence in the landscape over time. These are no mere topographical portraits: they are depictions of landforms embedded with layer upon layer of time, memory, and phenomenological and uncanny experience.

Tim Freeman completed his MA at UWIC in 2002, and has since exhibited at Chapter, g39 and various other locations around the city, picking up a National Purchase Prize for Wales and the title of Welsh Artist of the Year along the way. In 2009 he was selected for the Northern Print Biennale, held at the Laing Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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  • <b>Tim Freeman</b>, <i>Anti-Nature</i>, photograph, 2010.