Ellie Rees

With contemporary music as her inspiration and karaoke habits as a constant source of fascination, the work of Ellie Rees cannot fail to raise a smile. She uses ideas taken from things that she observes in others that make her laugh, or that she feels are poignant in some way. Then Rees creates a routine or performance based on the chosen idea, and practises it to a level where it can be performed without mistakes. This involves discipline and concentration despite the fact that the routine seems essentially pointless. This futile aspiration brings a sense of pathos to the work. A recent diptych Whitney & Britney involved the artist performing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' on milk bottles and a shadow-hand mouthing the over-emotional words of 'I Will Always Love You'. Displaying acute musical awareness and a strong sense of comedy she puts contemporary popular music under the spotlight. Ellie lives and works in London.

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It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward