matthews and allen

<b>Matthews and Allen</b>, <i>after Gilbert & George</i>
Matthews and Allen, after Gilbert & George

matthews and allen

We want to speak of common courtesy
We are the safe bet
We will create a deliberate mistake
We want to enact an unusual routine
We will be subserviently compliant
We will tell a true story
We will be hopelessly optimistic
We will communicate unknown knowledge
We want to speak of forgotten memory
We are serious comics
We will agree to disagree
We will show apathetic interest
We will be approximately equal
We will create a new classic
We are a single ensemble
We will start accurate rumours
We will sometimes write in invisible ink
We will be a group of individuals
We will take calculated risks
We will communicate in dynamic monotone
We will create tragic comedy
We will provide democratic leadership
We will engage in friendly argument
We will create a genuine imitation

The artist was in the following exhibition:
The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp

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