Neil McNally

Lives and works in Pontypool, Wales

Working with painting, film, photography, text, performance, Neil McNally expresses an often deadpan ambivalence towards the accepted histories of the ‘art world’.

Loaded with references, from Sol LeWitt to Rainer Werner Fassbinder to Douglas Gordon, the artist mimics other artists and in the process of production reveals affection for their work, while simultaneously mocking the conventions of contemporary gallery culture and the expectations of art audiences, as evidenced by his allusive, semi-abstract paintings with confrontational titles such as ‘A Leper Fucking an Eagle’ (2009).

McNally completed his MA in painting at the Royal College of Art in 2009. Since 2005 he has participated in group shows in London, Liverpool, Berlin, Sheffield and Cardiff. His first solo exhibition, ‘Death is Colder than Love’, was held by g39 in 2008. In 2009 he was the recipient of a Stiwdio Safle Award.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Neil McNally: Death is colder than love
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It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward