Simon Woolham

Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art with an MA in 2000, Woolham has had shows and residencies both nationally and internationally.

Simonís work is concerned primarily with occupied spaces and the narratives that unfold in them. His drawings of school playing fields, junked underpasses and the like often contain text with the tone of dialogue. Through these glimpses of speech the dilapidated environments come to life in a cheap version of enchantment: a tree stump or a broken fence are filled with the meanings of the events that go on around and about them.

In 2007 simon had solo shows at BLOC space in Sheffield and Leicester City Art Gallery. For 2008, he was commissioned by Animate Projects and RSA Arts and Ecology, and made a new site-specific work for a project with Danielle Arnaud for the Tatton Park Biennial.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
The Golden Record
This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward