Toby Huddlestone

b. 1980
Lives and works in London, UK

Toby Huddlestone’s practice takes numerous forms. He produces interdisciplinary artworks through dialogue, conversation and collaboration.
Toby’s motive is to question, to deconstruct, to strip back process. He strives to push his practice beyond what is comfortable and familiar, and it is often broader than a singular definition in terms of current contemporary parameters or artistic lineage. Through this way of working and thinking he aims to bring about discussion, debate and instigate new ideas for work, writing and thinking. its pseudo-anthropological quest
Toby Huddlestone graduated in 2003 with a 1st Class BA honours in Fine Art from Swansea Institute of Higher Education. He recently undertook a curatorial bursary at Crate Studio and Project Space in Margate.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
The John Gingell Award

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