Rose Butler

Lives and works in Sheffield, UK

From <i>One Lime Street</i>
From One Lime Street

Rose Butler's lens-based moving image and installation work responds to new developments in technology by re-organizing and re-articulating the domestic, urban, or rural spaces we attempt to navigate.

One Lime Street (collaboration with Kypros Kyprianou) pushes the idea of virtual and real journeying. A formalised meditation on the architecture of the famous Lloyds of London building and its exoskeleton lifts. Filmed from inside the lifts facing out, the background buildings and horizon are digitally locked in position. The result makes the lifts travel past the screens, an unexpected relationship between the camera, the vertical journey and the background perspectives results in a slippage between figure and ground.

Rose Butler was short listed for this years Jerwood Prize for Moving Image alongside Kypros Kyprianou. She recently screened work at at Evolution Festival; Leeds, Hull Time Based Arts and G39 Gallery; Cardiff.

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Distance Learning
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