Martijn Hendriks

b. Eindhoven, Netherlands
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Martijn Hendriks is a Dutch artist working in a variety of media, willing to use objects, text, images and videos to pursue an idea to its conclusion.

His work is said to address how ‘unproductive’ gestures might become productive. In 2008 he received the international Kraft Prize for New Media for his ongoing work The Birds Without the Birds (2008), a video detournment in which the artists digitally removed all the ‘Birds’ from Hitchcock’s eponymous film. This removal alters the action substantially, leaving the characters wildly fleeing from an imagined presence. Hendriks has similarly re-worked other icons of 20th century culture, zoning in on artists such as Bruce Nauman and Sigmar Polke.

Hendriks studied at the Academie Voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg and at the University of Maastricht’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, where he graduated in 2002. This year, he is set to show in major group exhibitions in Amsterdam, Rome and New York.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Infernal Machine

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