Henry Gwiazda

b. 1952, New Britain, CT
Lives and works in Fargo, North Dakota, USA

claudiaandpaul 10.13pm, 2010
claudiaandpaul 10.13pm, 2010

Coming from a background as an avant-garde composer, Henry Gwiazda has recently turned his attention to visual art while maintaining his knack for sophisticated collage techniques and his concern for elevating life’s unnoticed details.

A case in point, Gwiazda’s video work living is… collages representations of humdrum daily events rendered in an uncanny Second Life-esque CGI: a man washes himself, eats pizza, lounges on his sofa. At certain points these sequences are layered and choreographed into a single timeline so that they occur simultaneously. At these points banal sounds and images combine to add up to something greater than the sum of their parts, estranging them further from our experience.

Gwiazda has worked in audio since 1986 and in video since 1995. As well as exhibiting and performing throughout Western Europe and North American he has been awarded various grants and prizes, including a first prize in the SUC Student Composers competition, and has been selected as guest composer in many festivals and Universities.

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The artist was in the following exhibition:
Short Cuts

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  • claudiaandpaul 10.13pm, 2010