Ben Lloyd

Lives and works in St Davids, Wales

The Road To New York 2015

Ben's practice comprises two strands, one is installation art with strong research and social art elements. This is often characterised by his use of found objects such as: mobile phones, castle stones, tourist artifacts, and disposable lighters. The other strand of his practice is in painting, focusing on the subconscious.

Lloyd has exhibited widely in the UK with his most recent project Empire Kiosk being shown at the British Museum, Narberth’s Oriel Q, Arcadecardiff and Chapter, Cardiff.

Empire Kiosk was a re-appropriation of a commercial space from Freetown, Sierra Leone, drawing on contemporary African folk art, post-colonialism and globalised digital technologies.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Unit#1 Ben Lloyd: The Road To New York

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