Sargy Man

Without his vision, Mann was forced to find new ways to approach painting and described the process of learning 'how to reinvent painting for myself.' first using a specifically modified telescope to enlarge images. Mann created form and composition through touch, employing strategically placed lumps of Blu-Tack and rubber bands to map out his canvases.

Mann's technique changed not only in the physical sense of painting but also in his cognitive process of creating images. His memory and imagination became his vision, replacing straightforward observation, and his paintings celebrate this subjectivity. His son Peter created a documentary about his fatherís adaptive techniques. The restrictions imposed by the reality of vision no longer applied to him, and he remarked that he had complete creative liberation. 'I chose the colour chord for each painting intuitively, thinking in an overtly decorative way which, before, I would never have allowed myself to do. It seems that blindness has given me the freedom to use colour in ways that I would not have dared to when I could see.'

The artist was in the following exhibition:
does that include us? / yn cynnwys ni? part 2

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