Thomas Williams

b. 1960, Jos, Nigeria
Lives and works in Cardiff

Thomas Williams, <i>Isola (dwyrain)</i>
Thomas Williams, Isola (dwyrain)

Thomas Williams trained as a musician, he works with relief printmaking and text, also incorporating performance, installation, fabric and knitting into his practice. Issues around identity are central to Thomas’ work.

Questions of place and language continually crop up in my work.
Place, language and home.
Home and what that means.
Being at home in a place. Being at home in a language.
Perhaps my question is whether those things can exist independently of each other.

In 2016 I led on Just Between Us, a project to make links between the Trinity Centre for refugees & asylum seekers in Cardiff and g39. During the project those questions about home, place, language and communication were important. How could I, these organisations, and the individuals involved with them find ways to talk to each other and find ways to talk to the communities that surround us, The resulting projected, animated, text work, explored my attempts to answer these questions and my sense of having failed.

Thomas has performed as part of the Experimentica live art festival 2015, at the Polari Literary Salon in Chapter Theatre and as part of one of the Perspectives/Canfyddiadau events at Elan Valley. He has exhibited with Gallery TEN. Thomas was selected for the Wales in Venice Invigilator Plus programme 2015 and 2017.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Just Between Us
  • Thomas Williams, <i>Isola (dwyrain)</i>
  • Thomas Williams, <i>Rialto Postcards</i>