Salik Ansari

Salik Ansari’s works are a reflection of a consistent attempt at deconstructing dominant ideologies and social constructs. Combining diverse forms of media, painting, sculpture, installation, and video, his works revolve around the ideas of space and the many factors that surround it.

As an Indian artist & designer, I am confronted with multiplicity and what very often turns out to be divisive multiculturalism. Observing what mostly looks like a maddening chaos, one can derive many patterns, identify millions of problems and can be tempted to propose a plethora of high-tech solutions. However, meandering through these contested and confusing territories can also push one towards a vocabulary that is strongly informed by cultural complexity and contextual sensitivity; to become more cerebral whilst also approaching social issues.

Each effectual idea requires a deep understanding of the people's psyche. In an age where acute rifts occurs in the pursuit of identity, can we be empathetic towards the ‘other’? Without the coherency of emotional, cultural, and social connections, no form of expression can perform in the way in which it is intended to.

What one needs, perhaps, is cultivating practices that can realize the true importance of collective and critical thinking; an approach that is geared towards authentic engagement, critical creative expression that is designed for the mind.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
The Rejoinders