Laura Welsman

Laura Welsman, <i>Aston Expressway<i>, 2016
Laura Welsman, Aston Expressway, 2016

Lauraís artistic practice is rooted in research, analyzing the position of the self within a post-religious society. She works across multiple art mediums fused with technology to create spaces that instigate confession and reflection.

Inspired by artist churches and the forgotten spaces in abandoned post-industrial Birmingham, Laura is currently working on cross disciplinary arts and psychology research with a look to catalyse the synthesis of technology-aided arts toward creating a sense of presence within gallery spaces. Looking at modern society to identify replacements for gods, where none have been found, she transforms the mundane into the sacred and generates reflective spaces in the form of confessional and historical narratives.

Laura graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2014, studying BA Fine Art and Art History. In addition, she recently completed a Machine Learning for Musicians and Artist course at Goldsmiths University in 2016. Curated exhibitions include Artistís Speakeasy, Arcade Cardiff (2017) and Creative Learning through the Arts, Tate Modern, London (2018). Selected exhibitions include, Lost Vegas Hotel, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff (2017), The Old Laundry @ Made in Roath, Cardiff (2017) and Inc. @ M.A.D.E, Cardiff M.A.D.E (2016).

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2018
  • Laura Welsman, <i>Aston Expressway<i>, 2016
  • Laura Welsman, <i>Folkestone Graveyard</i>, 2017
  • Laura Welsman, <i>Lady Macbeth of Nechells</i>, 2017
  • Laura Welsman, <i>Mehr Fantasie</i>, 2017
  • Laura Welsman, <i>On Tanna</i>, 2018
  • Laura Welsman, <i>These places are still</i>, 2017