Will Sheridan Jr

b. 1988, Brussels
Lives and works in London

<i>Dear-World: From Me</i> 2017
Dear-World: From Me 2017

Will Sheridan Jr works in collage, drawing, and sculpture to distort and exaggerate the gendered and sexualised figures within popular culture.

Influenced by the imagery of advertising or billboards the people in his images seem mundane, boring, extravagant, the tipping point of approaching anxiety, sadness and anger. Repetitive and mediative the works also loop back towards reproducing the representational systems they draw on, attaching the assembled pictures to feelings of anxiety, fear, failure, disappointment. Often his works emit little emotion appearing rigid, with a focus on clothing as the point of representation.

Will Sheridan Jr received an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, London (2014). Recent exhibitions include: To Die For, Castiglioni Fine Arts, Milan, Italy (2018); Take the Weight, SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark (2018); Condo, Emalin, London (2017); Double Acts, Marcelle Joseph Projects, Ascott (2016); Sad Sweat Kronenbourg, Schulden Programme, London (2015); Schulden Programme at Bold Tendencies, London (2015); True Players W139, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2015); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall, ICA, London and World Museum, Liverpool (2014-15).

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  • <i>Dear-World: From Me</i> 2017
  • <i>Dear-World: From Me</i> 2017
  • <i>Dear-World: From Me</i> 2017