Frank Wasser

b. 1988, Dublin, Ireland
Lives and works in London

Frank Wasser's work combines performance, writing (theory and fiction) and object making to examine visual culture, contemporary storytelling and the sociological implications of AR and VR technologies.

He is an artist and writer whose studio work has followed a few different paths. He explained that his pieces of writing draw attention to some ways of thinking when producing art. He is also interested in spectacles and challenging ideas and authorities such as art and education institutions. Wasser’s text pieces came into more of a fruition when working within institutions and community art groups. However, where artists might document and archive their work, Wasser does not, the only record of his work are from people who have experienced them in person and documented them of their own accord. In this way, Wasser is interested in how his work interacts with culture.

He received an MFA in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland (2012). Recent exhibitions and performances include: The Slow cancellation of the present (performance), AM Gallery, London (2018); Sad Mirror, London (2018); Letters of last Resort, Brussels, Belgium (2018); Hmm 11, London (2017); Scene 93 Omitted, London, (2014); Dear Diogenes, this is something else (performance), Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium (2017). Wasser’s forthcoming new book Zero Hour Fragments will be published by MA Bibliothèque.

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