Molly Sinclair-Thomson

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Molly Sinclair-Thomson is a painter. Her paintings use bold lines and colours in a way that presents the strange and peculiar with a childlike naiveity. She uses her work to subvert mythology, storytelling and tradition and in the process consciously expose our own human tendency to self-aggrandise.

Painting is her opportunity to tell stories: 'I will often display my internal monologue as an interactive environment where I am attempting to provoke thought and create an atmosphere for play and connection to the self. The creation of books is also something that interests me and is another outlet for me to tell stories and unleash my imagination. Along with the use of wood and creating three-dimentional pieces.

Molly graduated from Cardiff school of art and design in 2019. She has recently exhibited her work at Spit and Sawdust and Arcade Campfa.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
RAT TRAP x g39