Nasima Begum

b. Cardiff
Lives and works in Cardiff

A member of a Women’s Arts and Textiles group since 2017 who has been mainly involved in textile works with the group for some time including, designing screen prints a quilt the group presented at for the National Eisteddfod 2018.

I have run children’s art workshops including ink marbling workshops for children at Arcade Campfa (2019) and more recently taken a lead in developing future strategies for Aurora Trinity Collective, reflecting my interest in the role of creativity in social change.

Recent work has been carried out during a residency with madeinroath (July 2020), most of the work is research based, and a series of collages had been created based on thoughts and feelings whilst researching on the topic and the research is still ongoing. This particular residency has led to investigate the value of homemakers in more detail in particularly with respect to women’s feelings about housework.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Intermission 2020
The Value of Housework

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