Umulkhayr Mohamed

Lives and works in Caerdydd, Cymru

Umulkhayr Mohamed is a Welsh Somali writer and artist, who also produces work under the alias, Aisha Ajnabi, their art-other.

Her artistic practice involves primarily artist moving image, poetry and performance work that explores the tension present between enjoying the act of wandering between emancipatory temporalities and a functional need to position oneself in the now. Their art is the place where they are able to forgo pretences and hierarchies, replacing them with solidarity and liberation, a way for them to contribute to doing the work of eroding the borders between beings to reveal the wholeness that lies beneath. She sees her art as a way of clarifying otherwise cloudy feelings about duality through a process of poetic distillation.

Her art and writing have been featured in The National Museum of Wales, Festival of Voice, MOSTYN, Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival, Where I'm Coming From's Anthology, and COMMUNION: a happening at SHIFT Cardiff.

The artist was in the following exhibition: