Corrina Eastwood

Lives and works in London

Ratti from Rokka Nixi, Corrina Eastwood, 2020
Ratti from Rokka Nixi, Corrina Eastwood, 2020

Much of her work is the art-based processing of grief and racialised trauma, ongoing explorations of self, and the making of meaning, remains wordless.

The Rokka Nixi installation is comprised of components of a body of work spanning a number of years. This includes a new photographic essay charting the conceptual journal of the installation, small sculptural pieces and four larger sculptures produced in response to the visual archiving that the photographic essay has evoked.

Art based self-reflexivity and explorations of Romani identity, ethnicity, culture and trans and inter-generational trauma, have been the focus of my art practice for some time.

Corrina Eastwood is an artist, art psychotherapist, lecturer, writer and activist. Corrina is Romani and has been prompted by her personal experiences of marginalisation and oppression, felt at the intersect of being both a GRT (Gypsy Romani Traveller) and as a woman, to develop, an interest in the privileging of marginalised voices and challenging, social disparities and normative power, through art, activism and education.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Talk // Sgwrs - Gypsy Maker 5
Gypsy Makers
Corrina Eastwood
The Baby And The Snake

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  • Ratti from Rokka Nixi, Corrina Eastwood, 2020