Alliyah Enyo

Lives and works in Edinburgh

Alliyah Enyo, Aphotic Pearl, 2023
Alliyah Enyo, Aphotic Pearl, 2023

Alliyah Enyo’s interdisciplinary practice gravitates towards embodied and meditative processes. She harnesses song, somatics and sculpture to create ‘sonorous myth’ installations and performances. Woven soundscapes materialise taking the form of multi-layered tape loops, collaging her voice, foraged field recordings and memories.

Sci-fi, feminist and queer perspectives are foundational to Enyo’s layered sonic performance installation Aphotic Archaeology echoing a futuristic deep sea apocalypse. Ceramic and pewter relics influenced by ancient Greek mythologies and Scottish folklore, and sounds akin to whale song, transmit feminine and ecological frequencies to nurture and heal this inhospitable world.

Alliyah Enyo has presented work at Hybrid Festival (Netherlands, 2024) Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh, 2023), Norberg festival (Sweden, 2023), FIBER Festival (Netherlands, 2023) and Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh, 2022)

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Jerwood Survey III

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