MV Brown

Lives and works in Glasgow

MV Brown, Artist Portrait, 2022
MV Brown, Artist Portrait, 2022

Rooted in performance, MV Brown’s practice uses the human body and new technologies to explore tensions across embodied subjectivity, the body as spectacle and socio-techno constructs of gender and sexuality. Their practice builds upon questions around the (non) performance of daily life and identity in a post-internet context to investigate avatars, prototypes, ‘false-self’hoods and the fallacy of the ‘IRL’.

Brown’s uncanny karaoke performance film System of Touch generated through 3D body scans, AI and CGI software is informed by theories of transhumanism – the position that humans should use technological adaptations to enhance their cognitive and bodily abilities - as well as cyberfeminism and glitch feminism that argues gender and sexual empowerment is found within cyberspace and the glitch.

MV has presented work at French Street Gallery (Glasgow 2022) Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh 2022) Salt Space (Glasgow 2021), Celine Gallery (Glasgow 2019) and Glasgow International (2016).

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Jerwood Survey III

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  • MV Brown, Artist Portrait, 2022
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  • MV Brown, Artist Portrait, 2022