Mark Folds

Lives and works in Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales.

Mark Folds' practice uses a wide range of media including sculpture, performative activity, installation, text, video and 'outstallation' to explore themes that arise from notions of identity and place.

Employing the intervention of autonomous and ephemeral objects, made for specific locations, his practice has evolved to involve a multi layered response to places, jarring the senses into noticing the everyday. Subscribing to the notion of 'Art as Verb' underpins the motivations behind his recent output and working approaches. This has helped bridge the gap between the Public Art (in the traditional sense of the meaning) and Art in Public (exhibiting, interventions) worlds, creating an unique 'place' for the work to exist.

Mark graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Wimbledon School of Art in 1986. Since then he has exhibited, lectured and made Public Art internationally, notably originating and establishing the 'ilovepeckham' art project in London in 1996 that continues to present.

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