Richard Cook

b. 1986, Edinburgh, UK
Lives and works in Sheffield, UK

Through Richard Cook’s simple means — basic maskings, removals, and additions — he plumbs the profundity of placing one idea upon another and the 'blanks', that exist, in effect, assume importance and are what is immediately most prominent.

Richard proclaims an understated authorship, a nonchalant awkwardness, a proud nudity, and an overall implausibility that bring together space, weight, and material in ways that seem happily accidental.

Richard gained his BA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Recent group exhibitions include Captain of all Pleasures at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh in 2010 and KNOW HOW at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia in 2009.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
If.... Richard Cook

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