Maia Conran

b. 1977, Bangor, Wales
Lives and works in Bristol

<i>Pin</i> 2009
Pin 2009

Maia Conran practice includes film, installation and book works. Her observations of everyday objects and situations give her work an uncanny familiarity, rooted in its institutional aesthetic. She interprets these situations using existing structures of communication and information.

Her works take place as repeated or paused events, contained within spaces that are disquietingly empty of inhabitants. She draws attention to the thresholds and boundaries of these spaces calling into question what is inside and what is outside. These darkly minimal absences are enlivened throughout by touches of humour.

Maia Conran studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University and UWE, Bristol. Recent projects include a Studio Safle residency, a collaborative exhibition at Bristol Diving School and a solo exhibition at STATION, Bristol.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Show One Of Each: Maia Conran

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