Elfyn Lewis

Elfyn Lewis' process based practice has developed over the past 15 years. He works on the surface, applying paint time and again with various tools to try and capture an image that might have a feeling of somewhere be it landscape or just purely about the paint.

Surfaces are layered with paint that overflows, dripping. Congested, thick impasto paint has been pushed and forced to create a painting, which is also an object of desire. These paintings are layered time after time until the upper layer explodes and transforms from its volcanic creation into a vivid landscape. These are eruptions of colour and beauty intended to transfix the viewer.

Elfyn graduated an MA at The University of Wales Institute Cardiff (MA) in 1998. In 2010 Elfyn was announced as Welsh Artist of the Year and In 2009 he won the Gold Medal for fine art at the National Eisteddfod for Wales in Bala.

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