Iwan Bala

Artist and writer Iwan Bala has a multi-disciplinary approach to his practice, involving wall hung painting and drawing, assemblages and site-specific three dimensional work. Sometimes archetypal landscape, sometimes artefacts and found objects. Iconic figures, symbols and mythic events are redrawn to make contemporary comment.

“For me, visual art is a matter of culture, a means by which I can fumble around within my own background and roots, in order to discover some flicker of light. Art is provocative, and needs to question every false certainty and every fabricated icon. After all, history and tradition is the work of man, and is a moveable feast, growing and changing with time. The sign of a strong culture is that it allows for re-invention and a questioning of everything within itself.'

Group Exhibitions include A Propos Ceri Richards at the National Museum and Gallery of Wales, 2003-04 and Welsh Painting for the 21st Century at the Mall Galleries, London. He is a founder member of The Artists’ Project and a member of the Beca artist group.

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