Jonathan Anderson

Lives and works in Swansea, Wales

Dark Star, 2010
Dark Star, 2010

Jonathan Anderson’s sculptural practise is studio based but he is often found working outside of it. The alphabet used in the creation of these works includes sand, soil, water, coal – they are elemental and grounded, rooted to the earth out of which they were born.

It has been said that Anderson believes in the power of art as a gateway to another way of thinking, as a microcosm of the universe from a human perspective; mandala has been used to sum up his works, a tool for meditation on the cyclical nature of things. His combination of the man-made, manufactured fundamental object with elemental materials and the scale of his works certainly points toward this. The work is a reminder that we are born and then we live and then we die. That gravity holds onto our feet until it pulls us back down only for the cycle to begin again. It is a reminder of the inevitable. It is both heavy and fragile, earthbound, moribund – constantly on the verge of being extinguished.

Anderson studied at Swansea Metropolitan University, and after graduating in 2007, he established his studio in Swansea. In 2010 he was awarded The Richard and Rosemary Wakelin Purchase Award. Having exhibited throughout Wales, notable solo exhibitions include Dark Star, Mission Gallery, Swansea, 2010.

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  • Dark Star, 2010