Benjamin Owen

b. 1973
Lives and works in Bristol, UK

<i>Beat Flower</i>
Beat Flower

Benjamin Owen’s work explores disconnection and reflection through spaces and objects. Recent work has explored the potential for objects to become performative as they drift through junk shops, commercial environments and museums. Recent work White Beat combines images from Bristol’s City Museum and a re-edit of ‘The Return to OZ’ - a composition that aims to provoke thought about material and presentational forms by disconnecting them from their original contexts. Another recent work Night Racing is a musical performance involving two disconnected musicians and two cardboard number helmets.

In the last ten years Benjamin has coordinated gigs and performances through the DIY collective Pull the Strings and worked within a variety of institutions, running creative workshops and teaching art within schools and colleges.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Chekhov's Gun
The Baffling

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