Call for Participation:
LUX & g39 – Wales Critical Forum

Swan, Alia Syed, 1987. Dur 5’, 16mm
Swan, Alia Syed, 1987. Dur 5’, 16mm

Critical Forum is a monthly discussion group for artists who work with the moving image in Wales to talk about ideas and practice in a mutually supportive environment and in dialogue with LUX, g39 and the other LUX-supported Critical Forum groups around the UK and Ireland. The group will meet once a month online over Zoom with the potential for an occasional in-person meeting in the future depending on the needs of the group. This group is a new initiative to explore and develop new support structures for artists’ moving image in Wales.

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The forum is for artists who are no longer in full-time education and who are willing to commit to the group as a participant for a minimum period of six months. There will be a preliminary online meeting over Zoom on Tuesday 24th January at 7pm to discuss how the group works and what it might do over the coming year. If you are interested in joining please register to attend this first meeting at Eventbrite and we will send you more information closer to the time. Please only book if you really intend to come as otherwise this deprives others of a place.

    • Swan, Alia Syed, 1987. Dur 5’, 16mm