g39 is home to Wales’ largest artist-run gallery and creative community for the visual arts. Established in Cardiff, g39 became a charity in 2019 and works as a bridge between communities, the public and artists. Artists are at the heart of g39’s activities. From residencies to training and mentoring, informal gatherings, or realising the most ambitious of exhibitions – our aim is to encourage and enable every person whose ambition it is to pursue a visual art practice.

Freya Dooley
Temporary Commons

3 December 2021

11.00-17.00. Screenings on the hour, Dur. 43 minutes

Temporary Commons is a meandering, fictional narrative with a polyphonic soundtrack, which weaves together dodgy plumbing, turbulent neighbours, unpredictable weather, canned laughter, and an invasive landlord. In a series of scenes set within the walls of a rented terraced house, the protagonist recounts the tension of hidden leaks, unstable structures and their own futile attempts at control and connection. Watery and sonic leakage presents fleeting moments of communion between the party wall… the harmony and discord, the comfort and irritation, the shared and shifted responsibility of living alongside others.

As it wheezes and strains under pressure, the house becomes another character: both eavesdropping and overheard as it slowly sinks into uneven ground. The central score is produced in collaboration with musician and artist Emma Daman Thomas.

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Cekca Het:
Trans Panic:
Rhiannon Lowe:
Burn It Down

10 December 2021

18.30 - 20.00 drop in.

Rhiannon’s hosting an evening of noise and visuals, bit of drink, fire and fun, over at g39, using her work on show as part of the current exhibition No Time To Plan An Ending as kindling.

Based on her project Cekca Het: Trans Panic which started life a few years back in g39’s library, Rhiannon developed her ideas into a solo show at Mission Gallery in Swansea, supported by an ACW grant while based on the Freelands fellowship.

Rhiannon’s work explores her trans identity and community, along with wider issues of exclusion, sensationalised media attention and inequality. Using sound, multimedia installation, text, textile, drawing, print and ephemera, she traces her past to find clues as to where she now finds herself. Cekca Het: Trans Panic combines her never-ending desire to be in a pop/noise band with the struggle and delight of negotiating her gender.

The evening event at g39 will be an informal, drop in/out affair. We’ll be keeping eyes on numbers, so bring masks, be sensible and safe; there might be dancing too, tho, who knows.

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There are lots of ways you can support g39 and our programme,
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We’ve joined easyfundraising. Basically, if you shop online but through their portal, they donate a % to us. From Screwfix to ebay, Ethical Superstore to durex you can do your bit. Or if you’re driving to Cardiff and are going to pay for parking, why not book our carpark on Justpark with us?

You can donate at any time too through our new Donorfy account, or tapping a card on the donation point at g39, or just dropping some coins in the donation boxes next time you visit. It’s always uncomfortable asking for donations when there are so many many things to support out there - but all of this helps keep our resources and support programmes free for those that need them.

g39, Oxford St, CARDIFF CF24 3DT
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Wednesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm

The current exhibition
runs until 18/12/21

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Come work with us!

Opportunity: Paid Internship - UNITe Intern.
Deadline:Tuesday 4th January 2022.
Jan - June 2022 (6 months)
Pay: £18,018 FTE (0.6 = £10,810.80)

UNITe Internship Application Pack

g39 is seeking to appoint an Intern to facilitate the delivery of Jerwood UNITe 2022, to join our team during a busy and exciting period in our 2022 programme of activity. You will be in the early stages of developing a career in the visual arts sector. As the UNITe Intern you will gain training, experience and insight to the creative and operational processes involved in running an arts organisation and residency programme. This will equip you with skills, knowledge and connections that can support your career ambitions beyond the internship.

warp Library

When we're open again (!) the warp Library is open, a de-instututional resource for all. The collection mainly houses artist books, arts-related reference books, zines and pamphlets. These span from the socio-political to the experimental, from 60s avant-garde retrospectives to contemporary exhibition publications; and hopefully everything in between. This in an ever-developing, growing collection.

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