Laura Quarmby

Lives and works in Edinburgh

Laura’s work stems from an interest in group dynamics and their impact on working situations and decision making.

As part of protoacademy in Edinburgh she participated in a number of joint projects that everyone had a shared responsibility for, accompanied by the inevitable problems that this process causes. She began work on a video about group dynamics whilst also trying to use the artwork to intervene practically into how this group was working. The video showed footage of a discussion interrupted by new scenarios, one being the stunt performance. This was the artist driving a moped through a large paper screen of 'low self-esteem' and acted as a self-help tool to aid overcoming low self-esteem. It acted as a sort of magic bullet, destroying the problem words used to categorise the viewers' complex.

For ‘Trusting Trevor’ at g39, she worked on ideas of leadership and authority, the premise of the collage of facts and figures culled from the daily papers was that 80% of the population trusted Trevor Macdonald more than Tony Blair.

Laura lives and works in Edinburgh

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