Simon Whitehead

Simon gained a reputation as a performance artist while working in London before relocating to rural West Wales to continue his practice. His work since then has been a hybrid of rural elements often combined with urban settings and it is this relocation that gives the work its power. He recently returned to London by traversing the old drovers' road from Wales to the City as part of a performance with artist Pete Bodenham. His work for 'Blinc' drew on the Welsh tradition of rural social censure and evoked the spirit of the Rebecca riots. Dressed in disguise a small group processed small country lanes, forming occasional surreal tableaux vivant, heralding their arrival through the ‘rough music’ of pots and pans.Simon is a founder member of Ointment, an artists' group based in West Wales and the co-ordinator of 'Crwydro', a project that brought together artists from Wales and Canada.

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It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward