Sion Dafydd and Alwyn Thomas

Having graduated from Leeds University in 2001, the collaboration Sion Dafydd and Alwyn Thomas returned to their native Wales to pursue their artistic careers. Their video work shown at g39 eloquently explores the potential death or loss of the Welsh language. Originally shown outside of Wales, the work has a different edge when received by a Welsh audience. This shows the artists repeatedly inscribing a crumbling building with the phrase “mae’n rhaid tawelu’r iaith Gymraeg” (The Welsh language must be silenced). This references written records of Welsh people being imprisoned for speaking Welsh, and children being punished by school authorities for speaking their native tongue. As the artists rightly point out, this issue is not a racial one, it is a linguistic one, and should concern all Welsh people, whatever their political colour.

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Ffresh 3
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It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward