Edward Adam

b. 1979, Taunton, UK
Lives and works in Somerset, UK

Edward Adam works primarily with film and video, making works which explore how rituals and customs are codified and what this reveals about our contemporary relationships with our localities, histories and each other.

Edward’s work has often referenced significant happenings such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings and christenings, events that we use to navigate our lives. However, this nostalgia is not pure sentimentality, rather a pause to slowly reassess. His work has a particular link to a time before the all-seeing eyes of CCTV cameras that automatically record indiscriminately.

Edward has recently completed the British Art Show 6 mentoring scheme, working with Paul Rooney. He also works as Project Co-ordinator for Alias (Artist-Led Initiative Advisory Service) and for a-n’s AIR Time events as well being an advisory group member for the NAN scheme. Edward is also a co-founder of the Second Site Film Bus project, initiated as part of the mentoring scheme at g39. Edward has recently exhibited at The Shortest Day Of The Year Film Festival, Lemon Monkey, Stoke Newington in 2008.


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